Crystal Catacombs

This game requires the Unity Web Player



Crystal Catacombs is a challenging, retro inspired “Megavanian” love letter that utilizes Rogue-like procedurally generated levels/enemies/items with a heavy emphasis on classic 2D platforming.

Discover, equip, use, and master an assortment of varied weapons, magic spells and upgrades.


Select from five unique and expansive procedurally generated Crystal Realms, each utilizing different layouts and room designs. No two experiences are ever the same!!
Find and discover random monsters, treasures, weapons and artifact upgrades!
XP and Skill Point based leveling system
Over 40 different unique enemies and bosses to conquer!
Handcrafted pixel art and animation!
(Almost Full) Controller support!
Chiptune OST by MaskedEpsilon!

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